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    Beiji○ng will organize■ "home appliance●s going to the coun〓

    ces go○ing to the countrysi■de" products, the〓 sales valu●e of which exceeded○ 50 million ■yuan.Sales● tours to deli◆ver products to do●orstepsInform■ation shows tha○t the "home appli●an

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    tryside" prod〓uct sales tours a〓nd the complain■ts against sa

    ces going t◆o the count●ryside" sales ◆outlets must repo●rt to the commerc●e bureaus ●of the resp○ective district and 〓county, and provid■e sales info〓rmation via 〓the program鈥檚 inf◆or

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    les● outlets wi○ll be resolved wi◆thin seven● days. On Jun◆

    mation managem◆ent system. ◆Meanwhile, r○elevant sales e■nterprises and o◆utlets will be■ organized to dev◆elop various● forms of promot◆ions, including ■sales tours, to ■deliver produ■c

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    e 4, eleven depar〓tments including t◆he Beijing◆ Municipal Co

    ts to farmers鈥■?doorsteps.As soo○n as the commer◆ce authoriti○es receive a compla■int from a◆ farmer against the 〓sales outle●t, the authorities◆ will investigat■e and reso●lve the matte


mmi■ssion of C?/h2>

r ◆within seven〓 working d●ays and publi●cize which◆ outlet has violated● the regulatio●ns. Finance bure●aus should prompt○ly allocate the budg■eted subsidies int〓o the 鈥渟pecial accou●nts for auto, 〓motorcycle and 鈥榟ome● appliances going to● the count◆ryside鈥?subsidi○es鈥?set up ●by finance off●ices in vill●ages and towns. 〓If the s


ointly is●sued

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nt●ryside鈥?program.Re■tail price of home 〓appliances sh〓ould not exc○eed the maxi■mum limitsInformati■on shows that the c◆entral gover○nment has set a〓 maximum price on n●ine types of ●home applianc●es in the program. B◆eijing will i○mplement the p〓olicy based on th●ese specific○ price limits and● operators should ●not charge more th〓an t

led rul◆e

he maximum price● without authorizat〓ion. By May 31,〓 Beijing h〓ad already sold ●32,363 "home app◆liances going 〓to the countryside●" products, th◆e sales value 〓of which reached 54.●467 million yua◆n, surpassing 5●0 million yuan.&nbs●p;Translated by ◆LOTOThe State Coun〓cil recently a●pproved an■ implementation pl〓an to encourage aut◆omobile and hou●sehold appliance "tr〓ade-ins" (h○ereinafter refer◆red to as the● Plan). The Plan sho●ws that a m◆aximum sub●sidy of 6,00

s for the op■

0 yuan 〓will be grant●ed for "trade-ins■" of automobil〓es that have ●reached certain ●service lifetime.Sub●sidies totali●ng seven bill■ion yuan to be ■allocated to "trade-〓ins"On May 19, t■he policy aimed a○t encouraging automo■bile and hou■sehold appliance "t〓rade-ins" was〓 studied and depl■oyed during a State● Council execu●tive meeting. The Pl●an

eration of ○home appl

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